Let’s the War of Display begin!

2017 could be the year for the OLED display. According to the rumors, Apple will implement flexible OLED display in their iphone 8 series. A lots of activities have been going on suggested that this rumor might be true. However, Apple may struggle to make it into reality. The latest report from Bloomberg suggested that Canon Tokki, the OLED display machine manufacturer, has two years of backlog due to the high demand of the machines. Apple is very likely to use the displays manufactured by Samsung, which is currently using the machines from same supplier. Similar story happens not long ago, Apple tried to apply sapphire glass screens for their iphone but the supplier could not supply and ended up going bankrupt.

So what is so good about this OLED display?

– LCD display uses a backlight to illuminate pixels while each pixel in OLED technology produce their own light. Thus the brightness of OLED can be controlled by each pixel.

  • Thin and flexible
  • Faster refresh rate
  • High contrast ration
  • Consume less power during darker colors are displayed (no backlight)
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for bright outdoor, lifetime of organic material

OLEDsource: spie.org

So, why OLED display haven’t taking off ? According to UBi industrial research, OLED panel is currently cost triple of the price of LCD. If LG, Samsung or other OLED manufacturers can optimize the price of the OLED panel, LCD technology will be definitely threatened!

Currently LG is leading the OLED TV market whereas Samsung is leading the OLED display for mobile devices. Sony and Panasonic ( JAPAN) are also recently being confirmed that entering the OLED TV business with 8K resolution. Innolux and AUO ( Taiwan) engage in the competition too.

In the middle December 2016,Japan Display Inc. has announced the intend of acquiring JOELD ( Panasonic and Sony’s join venture) to compete with the Korean and emerging Chinese players. FYI, after Sharp being acquired by Hon Hai Precision Industry, Japan Display and JOLED were the only Japanese display panel manufacturers.

What about the Chinese? Well, the Chinese display manufactures shipped more than one million AMOLED displays in the third quarter of 2016. It is a very tiny amount as compare to Samsung display (99 million units). Currently there are three main players in China: EverDisplay Optronics(EDO), Tianma Micro-electronics and Govisionox Optoelectronics. Chinese local smartphone brands are currently upgrading their hardwares and leads to the strong demand of OLED displays. So it is expected that demand for OLED display will increase significantly for the first to second quarter of 2017.

So guys, let’s the War of Organic Display begin! (Quantum dot LED will probably join the war soon)

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