OLED is on fire!



(image source: Shinny plastic)

Even since Samsung achieved great success in the AMOLED display market, china’s panel makers to rush and invest in the OLED technology ( despite the fact that the Chinese government promote the LCD technology. Currently Visionox, Sichuan CCO Display Technology, Truly Optpo-electronics, BOE Technology group, Tianma Micro-electronics , China Star Optoelectronics (CSOT) and EverDisplay all announced massive investment in the OLED display technology. Tablet PCs, near eye virtual reality devices , mobile devices, automotive monitors and OLED TV demand the development of new flexible display technology.

Just how big is OLED business? According to IHS Inc data,  the revenue from flexible displays will increase from $ 3.7 billion @ 2016 to $ 15.5 billion @ 2022 ( 300% !). According to the rumor ( source: the korean Herald), Samsung will supply 100 million units of 5.5-inch OLED panels annual ( $ 2.58 billion deal) to apple.

According to the UBI Research’s OLED Manufacturing Equipment Annual Report, the global Gen6 flexible AMOLED manufacturing equipment market is expected to record USD 28,411 million in 2016-2020. 47% of this is for Apple’s use with USD 13,000 million.


Source: IHS Inc data, OLEDnet.com, macrumors.com







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